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Historic Springboro

Founded in 1815 by Jonathan Wright, a Quaker, who purchased the tract of land that is now the historic downtown area of the city, was a surveyor and miller.  He and his extended family and friends developed 86 lots, adding more lots during the next 30 years. He named the original village Springborough, after the numerous underground springs to be found in the area. The Springboro Museum Center based at 110 S. Main Street in the historic district has many photographs and artifacts dating back to Springboro's earliest times. 

As was customary with eastern cities, the early  houses first developed were generally built of brick and set close to the street. At the time of the Civil War, Springboro suppoorted four flour mills, six blacksmith shops, one woolen mill, four wagon and carriage shops, two tan yards, two harness makers, and three sawmills. The original Jonathan Wright house, at 80 W. State Street, is now operated as a bed & breakfast, and is open for tours by appointment. www.bbonline.com/oh/wrighthouse 

Springboro's involvement with the Underground Railroad followed naturally from the Quaker's abbhorrence of slavery. Even though aiding escaped slaves on their way to freedom was against the law of the land, Springboro's residents answered to conscience.  Few areas were more important to the Underground Railroad than Springboro. In fact, the city had more safe houses for runaway slaves than any other place in Ohio. That rich history is a source of pride for the city, and local historians.  

The Springboro Historical Society and Springboro Chamber of Commerce partnered to create a Self Guided Walking Tour of the city's historical district, a  "Walk Into History" detailing the vast network of safe houses and tunnels and telling the stories of the numerous residents who helped runaway slaves reach freedom in Canada. This walk takes you back in time, up and down the seven block area of S. Main Street.  The walking tour brochures can be found at the Museum Center at 110 S. Main Street, or at the Chamber office at 325 S. Main Street (inside or out).  To view our Self Guided Walking Tour of Downtown Historic Springboro, click here. Groups can take a tour with a knowledgeable Guide for a small fee, by calling 937-748-0916. There is only one property that you can enter, the Wright House Bed & Breakfast (see above). It is a place of business but they do give tours for a small fee, by appointment only. You can make an appointment by calling 937-748-0801.